Since our foundation we recognized that Industry requires in-depth Drilling Waste Management training that will cover fundamentals of solids control and drilling waste management. Through our experience and expertise in this field, we developed classes that gives great insight to students on how effectively design and build most efficient system for operators and operate it.

Unlike other training institutes, Cutpoint is not constrained to specific brands and types of equipment and rather focusing on providing tutorial focusing on best technologies available on the market, fundamentals of solids control and drilling waste management systems, and their applicability and economic feasibility.

Our tutorials are typically conducted at the locations that are best suited for attendees. Tutorials will include printed materials and to benefit students with activities during sessions we are using Cutpoint developed App’s that covers different training sections.

The individuals attending our class are taught fundamentals of fluids reconditioning and overall drilling fluids and drilling wastes management. Courses provided by Cutpoint will be beneficial for students whose job related to drilling fluids and drilling waste management and anyone who is involved in well construction process.

Our Training Courses

Solids Control for Drilling Engineers

Through this class students learn basic concepts of drilling fluids in relation to solids control and waste management. Class is aimed to provide students with Solids Control basics and how proper Solids Control operations can assist in recovering and reconditioning Drilling Fluids, reducing Drilling Wastes streams and reducing associated cost.

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Drilling Waste Handling and Treatment

Class provides concepts of Drilling Waste Handling and Waste Management methods and processes. Our Class combines Drilling Fluids, Solids Control, Waste Handling and Treatment basic concepts to our students and how through integrating these disciplines you can impact your operations immediately.

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Water Treatment

Liquid wastes are being one of the major waste streams generated during well construction. Cutpoint developed a class that gives in-depth insight on what type of liquid wastes originates from Oil and Gas Industry and how to deal with them.

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Solids Control for the Sales Team

This class was developed to bring a deeper understanding of the solids control process to their sales teams. This course covers all of the typical solids control equipment and the overall processes involved on a solids control job.

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