Being involved in multiple projects with different background and complexity Cutpoint engineering team provides its expertise in engineering of Solids Control, Drilling Waste Handling, Treatment and Disposal as well as Drilling Fluids Treatment and Liquid and Brine Plants.

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Through our experience Cutpoint team provides excellences in engineering focusing on effective solutions, operability, Health / Safety and Environment, and Cost Effectiveness of the project, small scale and large scale.

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Goals set during project preparation helps Clients of Cutpoint to “Define Success” of the project. Thorough revision of all best available options and constraints that can be encountered over project execution ensuring that every step is critically and objectively reviewed and all critical paths are addressed.

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Many projects related to drilling fluids and drilling waste management falling from the start as the capital equipment and resources deployed into projects are sometimes not properly planned for their execution. Cutpoint adhering to process that is based on the initial planning, followed by data collection, concept validation and project start up.

  • Initialization

    Problem Identification and define the scope of work.

  • Data Collection

    Collect and analyze data.

  • Testing

    Develop and test hypothesis. Identify best solutions.

  • Launch

    Provide executive summary of findings and recommendations.

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